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Cubs prez Theo Epstein wears disguise to be bleacher bum

The mustache was a dead giveaway that something wasn’t quite right.

Who WAS that guy sitting in the front row of the bleachers during the Brewers-Cubs’ game Friday afternoon? The one with the 14 cap and the bad ‘stache?

Theo Epstein, that’s who.

The Cubs’ president, along with some of this front-office pals, wandered into the bleachers the day after the club officially clinched the National League Central title. He was also sporting one of those Try Not To Suck T-shirts.

No word on how much he tipped the hot-dog vendor.

The Twitter world blew up with Epstein’s stunt, making him the hottest trending item in Chicago during a lazy Friday afternoon.

Looks like the party has officially begun on the North Side.