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Peer and a shot: Ross’ quiet celebration after Cubs’ clincher

David Ross celebrates big with teammates in the clubhouse Friday, the day after his own celebration.

Cubs catcher David Ross, soaking in another big moment in his final major-league season, decided to walk home from Thursday night’s loss to the Brewers, heading south from the ballpark, alone with his thoughts.

Along the way, he checked at local watering holes on the Giants-Cardinals score. “I just kind of watched through the window,” he said.

More than a mile after he started, he stopped and saw the Cardinals’ loss go final. And it sunk in that he had just clinched his final division title in his final season, and he decided to celebrate.

“So I walked in and threw down a shot,” he said. “And hopped in a cab and went home.”

For those scoring at home, it was Jameson’s Irish Whiskey.

“It’s just a cool moment for me,” said Ross, who announced in spring training he will retire after this season – and vowed at that point to appreciate every place and opportunity the season provided.

“It didn’t work out the way maybe we had wanted it to, and we were going to celebrate [Friday] no matter what,” he said.

“But my last division win, my last berth into the playoffs – I just wanted to kind of cheer, with a random bartender down the street,” he said, laughing. “I enjoyed it.”