Sneed: Trump, Ivanka heading to town for fundraisers

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Ivanka Trump is on the way.

The Donald isn’t . . . yet.

“It’s hush hush, but father and daughter are coming at the end of the month,” a top Republican source said.

“They aren’t on the campaign trail. No press. It’s private fundraisers,” the source added.

“Trump’s poll numbers are soaring and he’s got to focus on the swing states — and Illinois is so blue it’s almost frozen,” the source said.

Sneed hears Ivanka, one of her father’s top advisers, has scheduled three fundraisers at the end of September. Two downstate. One in Chicago.

“There is huge interest now. People sense now is the time to get on board,” the source said.

With his numbers rising in the polls, Trump abruptly canceled his Bolingbrook luncheon appearance Monday to hit Florida.

“I get it,” said Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar, a huge Trump supporter who has already postponed the Trumpster’s luncheon twice: now reset for Sept. 28.

“He needs to put his attention on the swing states. But I’ll tell you what,” said Claar. “Tickets for the luncheon are selling. Originally set for only 100 people, now 300-350 are anticipated.

“People who couldn’t make time on their calendars before now have calendars dates available. It’s great. People who were expecting to come and now can’t are really disappointed.”

Psst, word is Trump’s jet will fly into Chicago.

Does that mean he will drive from the city to Bolingbrook?

Stay tuned.


Follow @sneedlingsThe Trump tresses . . .

Coiff toff: So what’s the name of the seemingly magic secret shellac Trump slaps on the side of his head clamping down his strawberry blond side wings that never ruffle, fluffle or move — even when NBC talk show host Jimmy Fallon messed up his mane Thursday night?

Answer please.

Oh, Susana . . .


Trump isn’t the only politico to affix negative nicknames to an opponent.

• City Clerk Susana Mendoza, an anti-Trumpster running against Republican Illinois state Comptroller Leslie Munger, sent Sneed a press release comparing Munger to a “pathological liar” using former Gov. Rod Blagojevich as an example — and calling her a “lap dog for [Gov. Bruce] Rauner.

Temper. Temper.

“It was a strong response by my campaign team responding to a false attack as forcefully as they attacked us,” Mendoza told Sneed on Friday.


The gift box . . .

London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s suitcase was not empty when he left Chicago. He was given a guitar signed by blues legend Buddy Guy, a book on boxing and a brick from Buckingham Fountain.

Over and out.

Go Cubs Go!

Hey! Hey!

David Axelrod, former senior political analyst to President Barack Obama, has a 2016 campaign favorite: the Chicago Cubs.

In the New Yorker Thursday Axelrod wrote, “Torn down to the studs and assiduously rebuilt by [Cubs President Theo] Epstein, this once creaky franchise now strikes me as baseball’s version of the Obama campaigns that I helped to lead — young, hungry, joyful, and bent on using new tools to challenge conventional theories about how to win.”

Then he quoted star Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta: “Who wouldn’t want to be in Chicago right now?”

No kidding.

Sneedlings . . .

Psst! Sneed hears Cubbies players Jon Lester, Anthony Rizzo and Kyle Schwarber were scheduled to celebrate clinching the National League Central division title at Chicago Cut Steakhouse with their families Friday night. Stay tuned. . . . Saturday’s birthdays: Danielle Brooks, 27; Phil Jackson, 71; and Narendra Modi, 66. . . . Sunday’s birthdays: Jada Pinkett Smith, 45; Lance Armstrong, 45; and Ben Carson, 65.

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