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Bears predictions: Week 3 at the Cowboys

Quarterback Jay Cutler. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

The Chicago Sun-Times’ experts offer their predictions for the Bears’ matchup with the Cowboys in Week 3.


Cowboys 27-17

The Bears were bad before the Eagles beat up on them, but now that they’re bad and injured, it’s extremely hard to see them getting past the Cowboys on the road. Dallas starts rookie quarterback Dak Prescott, another painful reminder that the Bears haven’t addressed the position through the draft under GM Ryan Pace. Season: 1-1


Bears, 21-20

You may have noticed that last week every NFL writer in this paper picked the Bears over the Eagles. Oops. How can so many experts be so wrong? To avoid another possible sweep of dumbness I’m putting my faith in bald Brian Hoyer and squinting John Fox to avoid 0-3. Season: 1-1


Cowboys, 20-13

I picked the Bears the past two weeks, and I won’t do it again until they win. There’s your analysis. (But seriously, the Bears’ injury situation is disconcerting.) Season: 0-2


Cowboys, 21-20

CSN Philadelphia bragged that an analyst’s dog, Champ, picked the game better than any Chicago sports writer. Guess what I can do, Champ? I can get the leash! Want to go outside? Just kidding. No walk for you. You’re going to have to sit — sitttttt! — and think about how rude it is to brag. Season: 1-1


Cowboys, 35-7

The Cowboys have lost eight straight games at home and the Bears won at Cowboys Stadium in 2012 and 2010. But the Bears’ touchdowns in those games were scored by Tillman, Hester, Briggs, Marshall, Olsen, Hester and Forte. These Bears don’t have that kind of Pro Bowl firepower on either side of the ball. Season: 1-1