Monday letters: The evils of a Trump presidency

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Hillary Clinton is “certainly an experienced, intelligent, responsible candidate, well versed in policy and diplomacy,” a Sun-Times reader writes of the Democratic presidential candidate, campaigning in Orlando last week. Photo by Matt Rourke, AP.

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Mona Charen presents the faults of both presidential candidates as if they were equally egregious and they are not (“Who will protect us from President Trump or Clinton?” — Sept. 23). One may disagree with Clinton’s political views, but she is certainly an experienced, intelligent, responsible candidate, well versed in policy and diplomacy.

As for Trump — Omarosa Manigault, his director of African-American outreach, made a statement that, “every critic and every detractor will have to bow down to President Trump.” This statement, apparently approved by her boss, sounds like the mentality of a police state. He is known to punish those with whom he disagrees; imagine his options with the IRS and FBI at his disposal.

Carol Kraines, Deerfield

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Worrisome police tactics in N.C.

I watched the news conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. The mayor of Charlotte and the police chief spoke. Their emphasis was on the strength of the police and National Guard response,  bent on controlling and punishing demonstrators. There was almost nothing about communicating  with the black community and its leaders about their concerns. There was also no information about plans to investigate police personnel selection, training, and “on street” actions. Changes in Charlotte policing are obviously needed and will not happen quickly. This complex effort will require long-term dedication of law enforcement administration, personnel and community participation. Brute force and deaf ears are not the answer.

Karen Wagner, Rolling Meadows

In the ‘Twilight Zone’ with Trump

Forget Nostradamus. Was Rod Serling a true seer?  Is his “Twilight Zone” episode “It’s a Good Life,” Billy Mumy plays a little boy with absolute power. Is this an allegory for a Donald Trump presidency? Who will Donald “send to the cornfield?” Can anyone really justify making Donald Trump the most powerful man in the world?

Martin Nicholson, Niles

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