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LAPD investigating rape claim against Derrick Rose: reports

A civil trial into rape allegations against the former Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose is under way in Los Angeles. | AP Photo

A criminal investigation is underway into rape allegations against former Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose, according to published reports.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the investigation to The New York Daily News.

The blog ThinkProgress on Monday posted a letter from a police detective to the accuser’s lawyer about the criminal investigation. The detective says keeping the accuser’s name confidential is important to the investigation.

“I’m innocent. I felt like I didn’t do anything wrong,” Rose said Monday at the New York Knicks media day, the Daily News reported. He said he hasn’t been contacted by the police.

A civil case seeking $21.5 million from Rose and two others is set to go to trial Oct. 4. Known as “Jane Doe” in the court filings, the 30-year-old Los Angeles woman originally filed a lawsuit in August 2015, accusing Rose and two other men of breaking into her apartment and raping her in 2013.

The judge hearing the case has said the accuser will not be able to remain anonymous during the trail.