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Alec Baldwin to portray Donald Trump for new season of ‘SNL’

Alec Baldwin will portray Donald Trump on "SNL" for the show's new season, beginning Oct. 1. | YOUTUBE

Alec Baldwin will be debuting his best Donald Trump characterization when “Saturday Night Live” returns Oct. 1.

According to today’s story on, Baldwin will play the part for the entire season, replacing Darrell Hammond, who will remain with the show as its announcer, with occasional on-screen roles. The news was announced via social media today. Kate McKinnon will continue to portray Hillary Clinton.

Comedian Larry David appeared in several episodes as last year as Senator Bernie Sanders.

Baldwin has hosted the show a record 16 times, and has portrayed Gov. Rick Perry, Tony Bennett and Al Pacino, among others on the late-night comedy series.

The Oct. 1 premiere of “SNL” will be hosted by Margot Robbie. Musical guest will be the Weeknd.