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Infant delivered after pregnant mother was shot is doing well

Crystal Myers, 23, and Albert Moore, 24. Provided photo.

A nearly full term baby who was delivered shortly after his mother was shot in the abdomen Monday afternoon in the Back of the Yards neighborhood is doing well, family said Tuesday evening.

“The baby is doing good,” said Tyler Thomas, the infant’s grandfather.

The mother, Crystal Myers, 23, was listed in critical condition Tuesday night, as was her boyfriend — and the father of the baby — Albert Moore, 24, who was shot in the neck, according to a spokeswoman for Stroger Hospital.

The pair were on the porch of Moore’s grandparent’s home in the 5200 block of Sangamon, where they lived, when a gunman sneaked up the gangway, fired about nine shots, and fled, said a female friend who ducked for cover when shots rang out and didn’t want to be identified.

Other friends and family members who were on the porch at the time, including an infant, were uninjured.

Myers worked as concession stand cashier at Wrigley Field before going on maternity leave.

The couple planned to move to Iowa at the beginning of September, but Moore’s girlfriend delayed the trip to attend a traffic court date she’d been assigned after she was in a car accident, relatives said.

Police are looking into whether the shooting is connected to a fatal shooting that happened the previous day less than a block away.

The couple wanted to move, in part, to escape the very violence they fell victim to, relatives said.

No arrests had been made in the shooting as of Tuesday evening.