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Captain Danny Trevathan not sure if Bears will protest Sunday

Linebacker Danny Trevathan said he was unsure whether the Bears will protest Sunday. (AP)

Danny Trevathan knows his friend Brandon Marshall, the Broncos linebacker, thought long about his decision to kneel during the national anthem Thursday night.

He was less sure whether kneeling — in a show of solidarity with 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is protesting police brutality against minority groups — was in his own future Sunday against the Texans.

“I’m looking forward to playing,” Trevathan, a captain, said Friday after practice at Halas Hall. “If it’s on my heart and it’s something that I feel strongly about, I have no problem doing it.”

Would his teammates?

“I don’t know,” Trevathan said. “I mean, it’s our game. Whatever they decide, I’m sure they prayed about it and talked about it.”

The Bears inside linebacker, who spent the last four seasons playing for the Broncos, said Marshall’s decision wasn’t made lightly.

“We used to talk a lot; we still do off and on,” he said. “I’m sure he prayed about it and made the right decision for himself.”

Bears coach John Fox — who encourages his players to respect the anthem — said he hasn’t talked to his players about whether they’d protest during the song Sunday.

“You know, I don’t go though and poll guys on all their thoughts on everything,” Fox said. “You know we have to pretty much cram to teach them football and game plans for that week’s work.

“Not that I don’t care, I do care about what guys think and feel but I haven’t polled our guys, no.”