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John Fox: Bears QB Mitch Trubisky had ‘great camp’

Bears head coach John Fox watches quarterback Mitch Trubisky during rookie minicamp. (AP)

John Fox said No. 2 overall pick Mitch Trubisky had a “great camp” in his first stint with the Bears — three days of rookie practices at Halas Hall.

The Bears coach then went about defining Trubisky’s offseason goals. The Bears will hold OTAs for veterans and rookies alike later this month and mandatory minicamp in the middle of June.

“You’ve got to get him up to speed in your offense,” Fox said. “So I think a guy, regardless of position, has to get comfortable and know what to do — and how to do it — and then just really cut loose and play.

“There’ll be a lot of classroom work — and thank God we’ve got all the off-season to do that. And I think he’ll do just fine.”