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Matt Szczur paints canvas for Cubs owner Tom Ricketts, has players sign it

Matt Szczur painted Tom Ricketts a canvas. | David Banks/Getty Images

Matt Szczur is a man of many talents from fielding to painting. He may no longer be with the Cubs, but Szczur decided earlier this year to give back to the team that gave him a chance in 2010.

Szczur, who is now an outfielder for the Padres, painted a canvas of the Cubs celebrating their 2016 World Series win for team owner Tom Ricketts, according to He also had the players sign it.

This isn’t the first time Szczur, who was drafted by the Cubs in 2010 and finally got the call up from them four years later, has shown off his artistic abilities.

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Szczur painted a canvas featuring Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo for a Cubs charity auction.

Szczur also shares pictures of his artwork on his Instagram. Check out some of his work below:

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