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You’ll never believe where Bobby Jenks keeps his ’05 White Sox World Series ring

Bobby Jenks said he keeps his World Series ring in a "junk drawer." | Scott Audette/Associated Press

Most athletes claim their championship rings as one of their most prized possessions. Some might display them in custom trophy cases, while others lock them away in safes.

Former White Sox closer Bobby Jenks is not like most athletes.

Rather than showing off the ring worth nearly $20,000, Jenks said he keeps it in a “junk drawer” in the bottom of his dresser.


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“It’s in its box, though,” Jenks clarified.

What else does Jenks keep in this drawer?

Jenks, who played for the Sox from 2005 to 2010, said his ring is cluttered with a couple of knives, watches and a few odd pairs of socks that don’t match.

Jenks appeared in each game of the series, pitching a total of five innings and making the series’ final pitch.

Jenks spoke with the Sun-Times on Thursday evening as he served dinner and interacted with families at the Ronald McDonald House downtown.

The two-time All-Star said meeting families at the house is a humbling experience, especially because he has five children of his own.

“I was blessed, and my kids are healthy,” Jenks said. “But at the same time, anything could happen, and they can get into an accident tomorrow. And I could be in the same situation.”

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