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Johnny Manziel says he wants to be Tom Brady’s backup

Johnny Manziel said he wants to be Tom Brady's back up. | Scott Eklund/Associated Press

Johnny Manziel has some high hopes for his comeback.

Manziel, who has lived a classic fall-from-grace story with his downward spiral in the spotlight, hasn’t played football professionally in more than two years, but Manziel said he believes he could make a return to the NFL soon.

The former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback announced last month that he planned to participate this spring in the developmental Spring League, which is designed to help players impress NFL scouts.

Johnny Football said he wouldn’t mind being Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s backup.

“I’ll go to New England in a heartbeat,” Manziel told TMZ Sports.

Manziel’s reaction comes after an NFL Network analyst made an argument that it would make sense if the former Browns quarterback signed with the Patriots.

Manziel was interested in signing with a Canadian Football League team, who offered him an opportunity. But as of now, he’s still in limbo.

Manziel recently opened up about being depressed and diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He said he was “self-medicating” with alcohol and was trying to make himself “happy” again and “get out of that depression.”