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Garrett Popcorn selling emerald green, Irish kettlecorn for St. Patrick’s Day

Garrett Popcorn will be offering the classic Chicago treat in an emerald green-hue for the first time ever this St. Patrick's Day weekend. | Photo courtesy of Garrett Popcorn

The Chicago River isn’t the only Chicago icon turning green for St. Patrick’s Day this weekend.

Garrett Popcorn will also be selling Garrett Irish KettleCorn in an emerald-green hue that will rival that of the dyed river this Saturday. It’s the first time the classic Chicago shop is offering the holiday-themed treat.

The dyed popcorn will still taste like the traditional KettleCorn, which has a light sugary glaze and a touch of salt.

“The green is just coloring, not flavored beyond that slightly sweet, slightly salty, fluffy popcorn heaven goodness,” according to Garrett.

The special popcorn will be sold in Garrett stores on Friday and Saturday only. It will be sold at all locations except the Navy Pier store, which is closed for remodeling until later this year.