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Watch Roger Goodell run 40-yard dash at NFL headquarters

Roger Goodell ran a 40-yard dash in a suit Monday at NFL headquarters in New York. | Julie Jacobson/Associated Press

Well, there’s something you don’t see while working in a cubicle every day — your boss sprinting down the hallway.

Roger Goodell ran a 40-yard dash on the fifth floor of the NFL headquarters in New York City after Rich Eisen called him out during an NFL Scouting Combine broadcast.

Eisen has run a 40-yard dash at the combine every year since 2005 while wearing a suit and tie. The tradition has turned into a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and has raised more than $300,000, according to Sporting News.

Eisen, 49, bet Goodell, 59, to run the 40-yard dash, and the NFL Commissioner responded Monday doing just that.

Goodell, dressed in dress pants, dress shoes and a white button-down shirt with a sports jacket, ran a 5.41-second 40, according to NFL’s senior director of football development Samantha Rapoport.

Goodell beat Eisen’s best time of 5.94 seconds, which he ran in 2016.

Watch Goodell’s sprint below:

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