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Scottie Pippen says he supports Cubs’ Jon Lester

Scottie Pippen gave Jon Lester the OK to use any moves from his playbook. | Getty Images

Jon Lester found a fan in Scottie Pippen.

Lester said Sunday that he and first baseman Anthony Rizzo are channeling Bulls stars Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in order to help the left-hand pitcher get over his fielding woes when it comes to throwing to first base— a problem that has been dogging Lester since high school.

“We’re working on the Jordan to Pippen bounce pass,” Lester said of a daily practice regimen that includes Rizzo. “In [Cubs new third-base/infield coach Brian Butterfield’s] words, ‘Just eliminate all tension and bounce it over there.’ We’ve been working on it early in the morning.”

Pippen saw what Lester said and offered up his support of the Cubs’ Opening Day starter.

“You’re welcome to take a page out of our playbook anytime,” Pippen wrote on Twitter. “The bounce pass is underrated — whatever it takes to Fly the W.”

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