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As NFL referee Ed Hochuli retires, his son is set to replace him

Ed Hochuli is retiring from his position as a league referee. | Mike Roemer/Associated Press

One of the NFL’s most beloved referees is retiring after a lengthy career that spanned over 26 seasons.

NFL officiating veteran Ed Hochuli is retiring, according to NFL’s senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron.

Hochuli, who began his referee career in 1990, has worked in two Super Bowls over the last 26 seasons. He’s best known for over-explaining his penalty decisions — often times taking as much as 30 seconds to get his point across.

But don’t fear, the NFL officiating crew won’t be without a Hochuli for long.

Hochuli’s son, Shawn Hochuli, is one of the two being promoted by the league to a referee, according to Riveron, who also noted that Alex Kemp received a call up as veteran Jeff Triplette is also set to retire.

Shawn Hochuli has spent the last four seasons as a back judge.