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Illinois House 53rd District Republican candidate: Eddie Corrigan

Eddie Corrigan, Illinois House 53rd District Republican primary candidate. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

On Feb. 7, Eddie Corrigan appeared before the Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board. We asked him why he’s running for the Illinois House of Representatives in the 53rd District:

My name’s Eddie Corrigan. I’m running for the 53rd District state House of Representatives. I come from the district. I come from Arlington Heights. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame and I went on to work for Representative Peter Roskam in Washington D.C. and am now back in the district in Illinois.

My top priorities are bringing back fiscal sanity to the state of Illinois. I want to come and I want to balance the budget. I want to repeal those harmful Madigan tax hikes, and I want to fight for true property tax relief and real and independent redistricting reform. I think that both parties need to come together, and I think we need to look at one another and decide, ‘look these are your principles, these are our principles’ and I think if we do that, just like the education bill, there will be room for both parties to say alright, ‘I understand where you are coming from.’

We realize that we do need property tax relief. That people are leaving in droves and we can come together to fix the problem that we have in the state and figure out a solution together.

The Chicago Sun-Times sent the candidates seeking nominations for the Illinois House of Representatives a list of questions to find out their views on a range of important issues facing the state of Illinois. Corrigan did not submit a completed questionnaire.

Eddie Corrigan