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Bears QB Mitch Trubisky: ‘I really feel like I was built for this offense’

Mitch Trubisky is learning the Bears' new offense. (AP)

Four days after the Bears first met to install their offense, quarterback Mitch Trubisky feels like he was born to run it.

“The offense I wanna run is the offense we’re installing right now,” he told NFL Network’s Good Morning Football on Friday. “Just after a couple days of installing it and actually being able to talk with coaches, I really feel like I was built for this offense. It’s just dynamic, it’s creative and it’s always balanced — and that’s what you want.

“We’re gonna get the ball out quick. we’re gonna deceive the defenses and we’re gonna spread the field and we’re going to get it all over to our playmakers … We’re gonna spread the field every which way.”


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The Bears first met Tuesday to launch their offseason program, marking the first time new coach Matt Nagy, offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich and others could show the second-year quarterback a vision of their offense.

“I just feel like this offense is going to utilize my talents more and the players I have around me,” Trubisky said. “And hopefully we’ll get rolling from there.”

Trubisky said the new roster feels like “early Christmas” for him.

“We got some great weapons this offseason,” he said.

There’s “a lot of energy” in the building, he said, after the team “put last year behind us.”