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Newly released video shows tense hostage standoff, police shooting

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability released footage Monday of a police-involved shooting from last April on the Near West Side. | Civilian Office of Police Accountability

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability released several videos Monday showing a Chicago police sergeant shooting a man who took a woman hostage on the Near West Side last April.

Shortly before 6:30 p.m. on April 11, officers responded to a call for a well-being check at a garden apartment in the 2000 block of Washington Boulevard, police said at the time.

When the officers arrived, they learned there was a possible home invasion. When they went to the front door, they heard a gunshot and broke in. At some point during the struggle, the man shot the woman in the arm.

The officer saw 19-year-old Marcos Malvais holding a 23-year-old woman at gunpoint and shot him in the abdomen when he began to drag her into another room, according to police.

Malvais then shot the woman in the arm during a struggle, police said. A weapon was recovered at the scene. Malvais was charged with attempted first-degree murder, battery causing bodily harm, aggravated assault to a police officer and two counts of home invasion. He pleaded not guilty and is being held without bond at the Cook County Jail.

The tense video footage shows officers with their weapons drawn descending a flight of stairs to the basement apartment. A screaming woman is seen being dragged into a bathroom.

Sgt. Joseph Menoni aims his gun into the bathroom before walking into the doorway. Once there, Malvais appears to raise his gun at Menoni, who then opens fire.

In another video clip that captures the moments before Menoni opened fire, another officer can be heard saying, “You’re making it hard.”

Marcos Malvais | Cook County Sheriff’s Office
Marcos Malvais | Cook County Sheriff’s Office

“Just let me see your hands, man,” the officer says. “Come on, man. Let her go. It’s not worth going to jail.”

The woman did not know Malvais, police said. Shortly before police were called to the home dispatchers received a report of a person with a gun confronting a person in the same neighborhood.