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Meek Mill stuck with judge — at least for now

Pennsylvania's highest court won't remove a judge from rapper Meek Mill's long-running criminal case. | AP file photo

PHILADELPHIA — Pennsylvania’s highest court won’t remove a judge from Meek Mill’s long-running criminal case, but one justice says the rapper can raise the issue again after a hearing next week.

Three judges denied Mill’s request Tuesday to replace Philadelphia Judge Genece Brinkley, and three supported it.

The rapper’s lawyers have been leveling harsh criticism at Brinkley for months.

Brinkley’s lawyer says she’s been fair.

Justice David Wecht says Mill can raise the matter anew after Monday’s hearing before Brinkley. His lawyers are seeking a new trial.

Brinkley sentenced Mill in November to 2 to 4 years in prison for violating probation. Mill spent five months in jail before the state Supreme Court ordered his release.

Mills has been fighting to get his 2008 convictions on drug and gun charges thrown out.


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