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3rd former Wheaton FB player facing felony charges in hazing case pleads guilty

Wheaton College football player Samuel TeBos, left, walks out of the DuPage County Courthouse in Wheaton, Ill., Monday, Oct. 23, 2017, after his arraignment with his attorney, Todd Pugh. Four of the five Wheaton College football players charged with battery against one of their teammates were scheduled to be arraigned on Monday. | Bev Horne/Daily Herald via AP

WHEATON, Ill. — A third former Wheaton College football player facing felony charges in a 2016 hazing incident has pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

Samuel TeBos of Allendale, Michigan pleaded guilty Tuesday to misdemeanor battery and was sentenced to one year of conditional discharge requiring him to pay a $250 anti-crime fee and 100 hours of public service. Prosecutors dropped the nine felony charges against Kregel in exchange for his plea.

The plea deal and sentence is identical to one agreed to in March by co-defendant Noah Spielman and earlier this month by co-defendant Kyler Kregel.

TeBos declined to address the court. However, defense attorney Todd Pugh called the resolution “bittersweet,” saying there was no malicious intent.

TeBos, Kregel, Spielman and two other Wheaton players were arrested last year in connection with a 2016 incident in which they allegedly duct-taped a teammate and dumped him half-naked in a park.