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Matt Forte asks Bears for job, clarifies: ‘I wasn’t joking’

Matt Forte asked the Bears for a job. | Nam Y. Huh/Associated Press

Earlier this year, the Bears brought Matt Forte back to honor him and allow him to officially retire with the franchise. But now, the former Bears running back is asking to come back once more — only this time he wants to take on a more permanent role.

Forte, who previously hinted he might get into acting now that he’s retired, tweeted at the Bears asking for a coaching job last week.

“Chicago Bears, yo I’m available,” Forte wrote. “Vision, route-running, pass protection, etc. … Shooters shoot.”

Coach Forte?

“Has a nice ring to it,” he tweeted.

Forte’s employment pitch came after ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted that the Broncos hired DeMarcus Ware, who played his final three years in Denver, as a part-time pass-rush consultant.

At first, it appeared Forte was joking. But then, he made it clear he was serious.

“I’m not joking,” the two-time Pro Bowler tweeted on Tuesday.

In all honesty, Forte might be cut out for a coaching role with the Bears.

From 2008 to 2015, Forte led the team in rushing. During that same eight-year span, he led all the NFL players in yards from scrimmage and was fourth in rushing yards.

Forte is also second only to Hall of Famer Walter Payton when it comes to running and receiving in Bears history. On the team’s all-time list, Forte is second behind Payton in rushing yards (8,602), receptions (487), receiving yards by a running back (4,116), yards from scrimmage (12,718), 100-yard games (24) and games with at least 150 yards from scrimmage (25).

So Bears, what do you say? The ball is now in your court field.