Trump doesn’t like foreigners unless they’re dictators

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Some, including U.S. Sen. John McCain, say Russian President Vladimir Putin is a dictator. Here he is pictured with President Donald Trump at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders’ summit in the central Vietnamese city of Danang in November 2017. |
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Excellent editorial on Trump separating families at our southern border (“Now thousands of families — kids, too — will be locked up by Trump” — June 20).

The editorial is wrong on one thing. “Trump doesn’t put much stock in the opinions of foreigners.”

Trump puts great stock in the opinions and actions some foreigners — human-rights violating and murderous foreign dictators.

He is shameful and an embarrassment to our country. And what is more shameful is that the Republicans who control the House and Senate allow him to get away with his outrageous behavior. They all must go!

Rick Garcia, Edgewater Beach

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It’s not my problem

At least, they’re not sending my relatives back.

At least my kids are with me.

At least I have insurance at work.

At least my kid isn’t fighting in that war.

Big government is a pain!

So, I guess all that is happening doesn’t affect you then?

Dennis Terdy, Glen Ellyn

Jeff Sessions and the Bible

Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, daughter of a preacher/politician, both used the Bible to support separating migrant children from their parents. Even Rev. Franklin Graham disagreed with Sessions and Sanders. So, who is correct?

What people say the Bible says is always more reflective of the person than the Bible. If people want to justify an immoral act like separating children from their parents, the Bible is there for them. Likewise, if people want to love all their neighbors, the Bible is there for them.

Unfortunately the Bible can be used both for moral purposes and immoral purposes. It depends on the person reading it.

Bob Barth, Edgewater

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