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Here’s a list of the 10 best Bears players ever

Brian Urlacher is a member of this year's Hall of Fame class. | Jon Sall/Sun-Times

The Bears have a surplus of dominant running backs and linebackers in their history.

The Bears have the most members in the Pro Football Hall of Fame among any NFL franchise. Of their 34 inductees (and soon to be 35 with Brian Urlacher), 27 made their primary contribution to the NFL during their tenure with the Bears. Once Urlacher, an eight-time Pro Bowler, officially gets enshrined in Canton, Ohio in August, that number will jump to 28.

So it wasn’t an easy task when’s Adam Rank tried ranking the best of the Bears.

The premier Bears player was the most obvious choice: Walter Payton.

Gale Sayers was a close second.

Two Illini greats made the list: Dick Butkus (No. 3) and Red Grange (No. 7).

Devin Hester checked in at No. 5 and Urlacher, who played his entire 13-year NFL career playing for the Bears, ranked sixth on the all-time list.

Top 10 best Bears players ever via

1. Walter Payton, running back (1975-1987)

2. Gale Sayers, running back (1965-1971)

3. Dick Butkus, linebacker (1965-1973)

4. Mike Singletary, linebacker (1981-1992)

5. Devin Hester, wide receiver (2006-2013)

6. Brian Urlacher, linebacker (2000-2012)

7. Red Grange, running back (1925, 1929-1934)

8. Bronko Nagurski, running back (1930-1937, 1943)

9. Bill George, linebacker (1952-1965)

10. Richard Dent, defensive end (1983-1993, 1995)

Bonus: Best Bears coach ever

Sorry, Mike Ditka. This honor is going to no one other than George Halas, who coached the Bears for 40 years.