With vote on Trump travel ban, Justice Gorsuch shows his partisan bent

SHARE With vote on Trump travel ban, Justice Gorsuch shows his partisan bent

Neil Gorsuch (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch proved his partisan political bona fides Tuesday on the Muslim ban. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., succeeded in violating the Constitution for partisan political reasons, delegitimizing the Supreme Court. What a country is this.

Mike Shepherd, Bellwood

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Inhumane action

The United States government is turning away people asking for asylum at our border — our southern border specifically. For several days, when people did make it across, even when asking for asylum, children were separated from their parents — thousands of children, scattered to the four winds. Some of those children will never see their parents again, guaranteed. No policy change is going to undo that.

By all reports, there was never even a plan in place to reunite them. Even those eventually reunited will suffer consequences, some for the rest of their lives. How is this anything less than kidnapping? How are we not marching in the streets?

With the exception of actual wars like Vietnam and Iraq, this is probably the most inhumane action deliberately perpetrated by the U.S. government since the internment camps of World War II. We used to take the lead in imposing sanctions on other countries for their violations of human rights. How long before the international community starts imposing sanctions on us? This is life under Donald Trump, the un-American president.

Michael Hart, West Ridge

Magnificient primate

Earlier this week Koko the gorilla died. This magnificent primate was a gift to humanity with her amazing sign language and communication skills. Koko was literally a celebrity who compelled us to appreciate and recognize the vast intelligence and sensitivity that nonhuman primates possess.

It’s not embarrassing to mourn the death of the amazing Koko the gorilla. Conversely, it’s embarrassing to be cognizant of the reality that human poachers, hunters and ruthless profiteers are irreverently and viciously slaughtering gorillas and other wondrous primates to the precipice of extinction.

Brien Comerford Glenview

Some history

Laura Washington [“Trump’s so bad that he’s uniting African Americans and Latinos,” Monday] is correct; moreover, I believe that Latinos owe gratitude to the African-American leaders who have stood up and loudly said that family separations are monstrous and unacceptable. Our communities do share a great deal of history. Many Latinos are the descendants of African slaves, including numerous Mexicans and a large number of Central Americans, myself included.

As for some history, Santa Anna freed the black slaves at Alamo because Mexico had already abolished slavery. Yes, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie (and his knife), and William B. Travis were defending the right to have black slaves. Texas and the Southwest were taken from Mexico to expand slavery. The future general and president Ulysses S. Grant was a soldier in the Mexican-American War, which he called, “the most evil war…I should have resigned.” Afterward, many Mexican-Americans were forced to give up their lands and then got to pick cotton alongside black folks for the new white owners.

As black folks suffered through Jim Crow and segregation, between 400,000 and 2 million Mexican-American were the victims of ethnic cleansing during the “Mexican Repatriation” that lasted from 1929-1936. Sixth percent of these victims were American citizens by birth. Hundreds of Mexican-American citizens were also illegally deported in the 1950s in Operation Wetback. Many supposed “illegal aliens” today could be the direct descendants of American citizens.

Yes, I know that many African-American leaders heard the echoes of children crying on the slave auction block. it is unfortunate that children of color continue to be the victims of these perverted crimes against humanity. So often, things need to go real bad before change occurs; I hope the horror of this latest Trump policy fiasco finally begins to unite our communities for the long-run.

Alcides Espinal,, Palatine, Illinois

Good columnist

I never pass up an opportunity to read a Neil Steinberg column — ever. Monday’s is a great example of just why that is. He makes a regular habit of hitting that proverbial nail right on its head. I admire his intelligence and his obviously well-researched subjects. In his columns he always shares a volume of facts and common sense.

A recent column exhibits his skill in delivering to his readers facts so disturbing and uncomfortable, that some of us might actually write a letter or call our senators and representatives to demand responsible conduct from our president. To realize and acknowledge that Trump’s vision is so extreme, contrary and dangerous, is a step in the right direction. And Neil Steinberg’s columns never fail to show each of us, in the clearest detail, just why that is.

Rosemarie Sulek, Wildwood

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