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Chicago Daily News On this date: June 3

As reported by the Chicago Daily News, sister paper of the Chicago Sun-Times:

100 Years ago – June 3, 1918

• “Order your coal now!” That is the wartime slogan in Chicago this week. Coal Week started today and it is the earnest endeavor and wish of the state council of defense and the Fuel Administration at Washington that every domestic user of coal in Chicago and Cook County shall have his next winter’s order in the hands of his dealer before next Saturday night. The State Council of Defense wants to scare home to everyone the necessity of ordering coal this week to prepare against the fuel famine that will come with the fall frost.

• The Infant Welfare Station opened at 69 E. Monroe today. The Infant Welfare Society will hold twice daily demonstrations there on baby care. It is part of the extensive “Baby Week” campaign now on in Chicago to raise $65,000 to help save the lives of infants.