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Bears’ Trey Burton: White House snub doesn’t spoil ex-teammates’ Super Bowl win

Trey Burton speaks with the media during a press conference in March. Tim Boyle/For the Sun-Times

President Donald Trump’s decision to rescind the Eagles’ White House invitation this week does not diminish their accomplishment, Bears tight end Trey Burton said Wednesday.

“Not at all,” Burton said. “It’s as much of a controversy as you make it. We still won the Super Bowl. No one will be able to take that from them.”

Burton was one of the stars of the Super Bowl, throwing a touchdown pass to quarterback Nick Foles on a trick play, before signing a four-year contract with the Bears in March.

Burton, who said that a lot of his “really good friends” still play for the team, was asked whether it would’ve been better had the Eagles been allowed to attend.

“It doesn’t matter now,” he said. “They got disinvited.”

On Monday night, Trump announced the Eagles’ Tuesday invitation to celebrate the Super Bowl was being rescinded, citing the potential for low turnout and criticizing the NFL’s new national-anthem rule, which states that players can stand for the anthem or stay in the locker room. He said players remaining in the locker room was “as disrespectful to our country as kneeling.”

The Eagles never kneeled during the anthem.

White progresses

Coach Matt Nagy continued to praise wide receiver Kevin White’s performance — and mentality — in offseason practices.


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“The one thing that I’ve noticed about Kevin, that I thought was neat, is that if there was a dropped ball, it was the next-play mentality for him,” he said. “I kept a keen eye out for that to see how he was going to react to a play like that, and he’s done well. He’s been running routes well; he’s been catching a lot of footballs; he’s been focusing on what he needs to focus on. And that’s a big advantage for this offense.”

This and that

After injuring a hamstring Tuesday, outside linebacker Aaron Lynch was limited in practice.

“He’ll get that thing right and be ready to go for camp,” Nagy said.

† After the mandatory minicamp concludes Thursday, the Bears won’t practice again until the start of training camp July 20.