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White Sox draft one of Larry King’s sons for the 2nd straight year

Larry King hosted his own program on CNN from 1985 to 2010. | Rose M. Prouser/AP Photo-CNN

The White Sox turned to a famous family in the later rounds of the MLB Draft for the second consecutive year. Cannon King, the younger son of television personality Larry King, was selected by the Sox with their 38th-round pick Wednesday.

That’s the second straight year that the franchise has drafted one of King’s sons. Chance King was the Sox’ 39th-round pick a year ago before he opted to go to college. “This will be one of the thrills of my life,” King, 83, said last year when his older son was drafted.

The White Sox apparently became enamored with King’s sons after Dennis Gilbert, special assistant to owner Jerry Reinsdorf, saw Chance play and recommended the scouting staff check them out. Chance now plays at West Los Angeles College, while Cannon just graduated from Beverly Hills High School in California.

Players drafted in such late rounds rarely make it to the big leagues, but the White Sox found reasons to draft the King brothers in back-to-back years. Here’s a picture of them with their father from around draft time in 2017.