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Anthony Anderson to star in new Netflix film based on Chicago’s hip-hop scene

Anthony Anderson will star in the new Netflix original movie "Beats," based on Chicago’s hip-hop scene. | Getty Images

Netflix announced that the new movie “Beats” starring Anthony Anderson, has started production in locations across Chicago.

Anderson will portray a former artist manager who “fell from grace,” alongside South Side native and teen Khalil Everage. Filmmakers chose to side with “authenticity over experience” by bringing on the 17 year old as a young musical prodigy, according to a press release.

The urban coming-of-age story is being billed as “the ultimate ode to Chicago and its hip-hop scene,” as Anderson and Everage ban together to resolve issues arising from their pasts.

The film’s South Side ties includes established and rising Chicago producers and musicians — including original music from well-known rapper Young Chop.

Directed by Chris Robinson, written and co-produced by Miles Orion Feldsott and featuring two-time Emmy Award winner Uzo Aduba, “Beats” is scheduled for release in 2019.