Living up to home-center advantage: Fox Valley Sectional of Beat the Champions

SHARE Living up to home-center advantage: Fox Valley Sectional of Beat the Champions

Jeff Klemenswicz defended home center honor at Lisle Lanes to win the mens side of the Fox Valley sectional of Beat the Champs.
Dale Bowman/Sun-Times

Jeff Klemenswicz made the most of his home-center advantage Sunday at Lisle Lanes.

Klemenswicz, an account manager from Woodridge, rolled the men’s high series with a scratch 737 in the Fox Valley Sectional of the 58th Beat the Champions.

Nina Schmelter of Carol Stream, who works for DuPage County Public Health, topped the women’s side with a 770.

‘‘It felt pretty good to come in and defend home turf,’’ said Klemenswicz, who reached the finals for the second time. ‘‘I knew I needed a good third game, and I was able to do it [255].’’

Klemenswicz has bowled at Lisle Lanes since he was 4.

Schmelter, who advanced from Wheaton Bowl, never had bowled at Lisle before, so she practiced there last week and scored poorly.

‘‘I realized my ball wouldn’t work on these lanes,’’ she said. ‘‘So I went out and a bought a new ball for this tournament.’’

She had games of 213, 225 and 170 to go with 162 pins of handicap.

In BTC, the charity event operated by the Chicagoland Bowling Proprietors Association, handicap is 90 percent of the difference between a bowler’s average and 220.

Also advancing to the finals in March were Jan Tau of Naperville, who reached the finals once before and won a bowling ball; Vicki Zager, a cook from Wheaton; Tommy Sykes, an auto tech from Rockford who had the high game (290); and Joe Barrile, a truck driver from DeKalb who also reached the finals once before.

In the finals, the top prize for the men and women is $7,500.

The biggest prize in BTC, of which the Sun-Times is a sponsor, is the nearly $2.9 million raised for charity in its first 57 years by nearly 5.8 million entries.

Here are the scores:

Fox Valley SectionalLisle LanesTop three women and top three men, pending verification, advance to the finals.Sunday resultsWomenBowler, center G1-G2-G3-hdp--TOTNina Schmelter, Wheaton 213-225-170-162--770Jan Tau, Lisle 139-161-259-132--691Vicki Zager, Lisle 135-152-137-261--685Marty Petschow, Four Seasons 183-162-183-140--668Deb Bohentin, Fox 151-167-169-180--667Susan Garza, Liberty 164-168-210-116--658Maggie Kippes, Mardi Gras 124-152-193-183--652Ginny Cerulli, Fox 146-126-117-256--645Chalise Short, Poplar Creek 179-158-205-91--633Brittany Prentice, Hometown 119-114-141-259--633Stacy Royalty, Mardi Gras 68-217-223-21--629Terri Dejong, Poplar Creek 153-159-177-137--626Dawn Rhody, Hometown 109-111-136-270--626Kathy Passarelli, Poplar Creek 167-177-168-113--625Jadene Fay, Lisle 133-128-138-221--620Karen Wojdyla, Fox 159-127-133-197--616Kim Dowell, Lisle 178-154-147-135--614Jessie Madsen, Four Seasons 152-167-150-143--612Laura Seermon, Lisle 123-102-127-259--611Jamie Nickos, Fox 183-192-162-67--604Christine Hecht, Poplar Creek 129-94-170-207--600Sharon Chlebek, Fox 97-144-148-210--599Melissa Lupa, Hometown 175-147-135-137--594Lee Ann Dowjotas, Fox 86-143-89-205--523MenBowler, Center G1-G2-G3-Hdp--TotJeff Klemenswicz, Lisle 247-235-55-0--737Tommy Sykes, Four Seasons 193-290-223-0--706Joe Barrile, Mardi Gras 267-187-202-48--704Jim Prescott, Poplar Creek 223-246-194-40--703Dante Wolff, Liberty 205-174-199-121--699John Farrell, Mardi Gras 212-162-198-116--688Jerry Slagle, Lisle 182-203-234-62--681Gery Zarack, Fox 277-185-171-45--678Justin Jordan, Lisle 179-204-182-105--670Steve Noti, Liberty 214-201-211-35--661Edgar Burgus, Fox 194-254-220-0--668Jeff Bicek, Fox 150-245-266-0--661Pat Murphy, Lisle 204-211-174-70--659Mike Thomas, Poplar Creek 192-186-216-64--658Aaron Kubisak, Hometown 248-190-214-0--652Carmelo Rosa, Bowlway 191-183-147-129--650John Zweifel, Wheaton 189-156-181-124--650Steve Davis, Mardi Gras 133-183-197-108--621David Thomas, Fox 229-143-192-43--607Keith Salamone, Poplar Creek 156-180-154-116--606David Stevenson, Lisle 177-212-175-37--601George Johnson, Fox 161-182-187-62--592Jerry Annala, Hometown 115-188-148-140--591Dave Malesky, Fox 163-186-197-45--591Dave Mckee, Poplar Creek 206-202-181-0--589Don Hankins, Mardi Gras 173-190-156-59--578Steven Wojdyla, Fox 173-216-174-0--563William Otero, Lisle 113-142-78-216--549Mark Gorecki, Four Seasons 117-145-149-135--546Chase Smith, Fox 103-115-137-191--546Jeff Carpenter, Fox 177-154-172-40--543Jeremy Hagemeier, Mardi Gras 208-160-175-0--543Joseph Svlek, Poplar Creek 152-186-178-24--540Chris Rank, Fox 136-128-194-2--460

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