Why stop at rent control?


A Lift the Ban Coalition rally in support of rent control took place outside the Chicago Association of Realtors office. | Sun-Times/Alex Arriaga

Why only rent control? What not food and fuel price controls as well. And why stop there?

Will the price of doing business for a landlord — water, gas, electricity, scavenger, real estate taxes, insurance, legal, accounting, etc. — be controlled as well? Why steal only the ability of landlords to see their investments appreciate?

For those who want to control rent costs, the solution is simple. Buy property and charge whatever you feel is “fair.” Seems a lot easier than telling others how to run their business.

Earl Weiss, Uptown

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Obama’s commitment to Chicago

All the debate about the need to build the proposed Obama Center in landmarked Jackson Park — and only in Jackson Park — seems to have become grounded on little more than a fear that former President Barack Obama is so emotionally childlike and intellectually confounded that in a snit of adolescent temper he would just pick up his marbles and leave town forever if the Obama Center were not immediately plopped down precisely in Jackson Park.

It seems ironic that it is supporters of the Protect our Parks lawsuit, who have repeatedly expressed their support for an Obama Center anywhere the former president desires except in Jackson Park, have more admiration, confidence and trust in him than his supposed supporters.

In November, when Obama appeared before a South Side community group, he said Chicago was the place where “I found my calling, my voice, my political career, and the place that produced my wife and my children.” Apparently, Obama’s supporters don’t believe and trust him and his words.

Obama is no egotistical billionaire George Lucas, who had no ties to Chicago and no appreciation for its world-famous lakefront public park system, including Jackson Park, which distinguishes the city.

There are many underserved neighborhoods on the South Side of Chicago that have not thrived. They are in genuine need of investment and development. An Obama Center could be an anchor.

Herb Caplan


Protect Our Parks

Lincoln Park

Green New Deal deserves honest debate

As someone who supports action at every level to counter climate change, I am dismayed by the reaction to the proposed “Green New Deal.” Congress and Americans in general should not look for a simple up or down vote on this package of ideas, but rather a substantive discussion about how we can move forward to protect and even save our modern world. This is not a Democratic policy proposal to be automatically shot down by Republicans. We’ve got to get this policy issue right!

Mary F. Warren, Wheaton

Going to the candidates’ debate

When deciding between Lightfoot & Preckwinkle, Simon and Garfunkel summed it up when they sang:

“Going to the candidates’ debate

Laugh about it, shout about it

When you’ve got to choose

Every way you look at this you lose”

Rick Smith, Libertyville

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