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Chicago lakefront alert for boaters: Burnham Harbor Launch closed through May 1

Soldier Field in the morning light across Burnham Harbor in Novemeber.
Dale Bowman/Sun-Times

If you’re a boater with an itch to get on the water, if and when the weather ever breaks, or an angler with the call for coho, be aware that the launch at Burnham Harbor is closed through May 1.

Here is a texted update from Carl Vizzone, who runs the fishing programs for the Chicago Park District:

Burnham Harbor boat ramp and trailer lot are closed until May 1st. Westrec has asked that Jackson or Diversey be used in its place. 31st Street will have limited use do to launching and staging all dry dock storage vessels.

I would also note that launching at the Daley Launch at Western Avenue and the Sanitary and Ship Canal would be another option.