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Pair of burglars con elderly Niles residents: police

Referred to as ruse-entry burglaries, these thefts involve two people working together to rob homes, Niles police said.

Outside of the Niles Police Department
Niles Police Department
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Niles police are warning residents, especially elderly ones, in the northwest suburban village to secure their doors when outside after several ruse-entry burglaries were reported in the area.

The ruse-entry burglaries involve two people working together to rob a home through an open attached garage or screen door while the homeowner is outside, according to a statement from Niles police.

One person distracts the homeowner, moving him or her away from the door, while the other enters and takes valuables such as jewelry and wallets. Once finished, the second person will call and tell the other thief to leave, police said. The two then escape with the stolen property.

Police said the robbers may offer home repairs or attempt to get the homeowner away from their doors.

Anyone with information on these burglaries should call 911.