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Ed Sheeran announces marriage in new album ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project’

The usually-private pop star confirmed the rumors on Friday.

Yesterday Special Screening In Gorleston
Ed Sheeran, pictured in June, announced his marriage to longtime girlfriend Cherry Seaborn on his latest album “No. 6 Collaborations Project.”
Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for Universal Pictures International

After years of keeping his love life under wraps, pop singer Ed Sheeran announced through song he and longtime girlfriend Cherry Seaborn have tied the knot.

The announcement comes with the release of the 28-year-old’s latest album “No. 6 Collaborations Project” which dropped Friday. On the album’s track “Remember the Name” with Eminem and 50 Cent, Sheeran sings, “Watch how the lyrics in this song might get twisted / My wife wears red but looks better without the lipstick.”

The same day as the record’s release, crooner confirmed in a video interview with Charlamagne Tha God that, yes, those lines mean he and Seaborn are husband and wife.

“It was actually before me and Cherry got married, and I knew that we’d be married by the point that the song came out,” he said. “So I said, ‘Watch how the lyrics in this song might get twisted / My wife wears red but looks better without the lipstick,’ And I was like ‘Cause someone’s going to hear that and be like ‘Oh they’re married,’ and I didn’t know how that would be. But, obviously, it’s already come out.”

The “Shape of You” singer added he’s grateful for his marriage.

“I constantly wake up every day with Cherry and I’m just like, ‘Why the (expletive) are you with me? You could literally be with whoever you wanted, and you’ve chosen me. And I’m saying all of the things that I think are wrong with me, but you still want to be with me,’” he said. “And I just find that amazing.”

According to Sheeran, Seaborn even had a role in creating “I Don’t Care,” his track with Justin Bieber on the album.

“Bieber just got married. I’d just got married. That song is about being at an industry event with the woman you love, or the person you love,” he said. “It was actually Cherry’s idea, because she was like, ‘Oh, why don’t you get Bieber? Like, he’d be perfect for this. [He] just fits it.’”

Sheeran met Seaborn, 27, when the two were teenagers, and he announced their engagement on Instagram last year.