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Chicago sanctuary ordinance wrongly defies federal law

I’m all for immigration, but not illegal immigration. Does Ellis Island ring a bell?

Harboring people from arrest by federal immigration agents should be a crime, writes a Sun-Times reader.
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I’m all for immigration, but not illegal immigration. Does Ellis Island ring a bell?

So here we have Chicago aldermen passing more silly sanctuary ordinances to circumvent immigration enforcement by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

If anyone is caught harboring and aiding an illegal immigrant from apprehension by ICE, they should be charged with a crime. Same goes for any church, including the Catholic Church. If a church is being used as a sanctuary, I’m all for ICE entering to make apprehensions as needed.

If a church continues in this way, it should lose its tax-exempt status.

John Moravecek, Naperville

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Madigan plays along the edges of corruption

Excellent editorial connecting the dots between Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan and ComEd. He is a master at playing around the edges to avoid prosecution.

Take the “sham candidates” lawsuit going through the courts right now.

Is it legal to put extra candidates on the ballot? Yes. Is it also a ruse to confuse the voters and return Madigan to Springfield? Of course.

Just how many dots are out there to connect? How many lobbyists are in the speaker’s powerful grasp? Your editorial shines a light on a dark corner of Madigan’s corrupt operation.

Do we have any honest people in Springfield? And if so, why can’t they do something about all of this?

Scot Sinclair, Third Lake