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Is WR Antonio Brown interested in Bears? ‘Nah, not with Nick Foles’

The Bears could use a playmaker, but Brown almost certainly wouldn’t be a consideration. Apparently, the feeling is mutual.

Antonio Brown was a four-time all-pro with the Steelers.
Antonio Brown was a four-time all-pro with the Steelers.

It’s an odd stance by someone who has been ostracized by the NFL, but free agent wide receiver Antonio Brown is not interested in launching his comeback with the Bears.

And he has a very specific reason.

When asked by Deion Sanders, who was appearing on Barstool, whether he would consider joining the Bears, Brown said, “Nah, not with Nick Foles.”

That got a big laugh out of Sanders and the Barstool crew, but it probably won’t be as hilarious if he ever calls Matt Nagy looking for a job.

Brown, 32, has been out of the league since the Patriots cut him last September amid allegations of sexual harassment and sending threatening text messages to a woman.

Before that, he demanded a trade from the Steelers and was cut by the Raiders without ever playing a game for them.

From 2011 through ‘18, Brown was one of the best receivers in the game. He had seven 1,000-yard seasons and was all-pro four times.