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Pride Protest promotes community focus

The Reclaim Pride March kept community members in the spotlight, especially Black and trans people, to embrace “Pride Without Prejudice.”

Protesters raise fists during a protest on the streets of Lake View on Sunday, June 28, 2020, to raise awareness of killings and discrimination toward Black trans lives.
Anthony Vazquez/Sun-Times

Residents rally with LGBTQ activists for a “community-driven march” Sunday in Lake View. In light of the COVID-19-related cancellation of Chicago’s annual Pride Parade, which Sunday’s event organizers criticized as “commercialized,” The Reclaim Pride March focused on community members, especially Black and trans people, to embrace “Pride Without Prejudice” at the march billed as a “protest, not a party.” Organizers say the event is dedicated to highlighting “issues of racism, police violence, and the obscene amount of money spent on militarized police, and a military which polices the world.”