Keep protesting, but don’t play into Trump’s hands

If there is enough unrest and violence over the rest of the summer, would Trump try to delay the election? Would the GOP go along with him?

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Activists protest Monday around a statue of Christopher Columbus near Roosevelt Rd. and Columbus Dr. while police stand by,

Tyler LaRiviere/Chicago Sun-Times

Time and again, President Donald Trump has done, or tried to do, things so far outside our social and political norms that he is damaging the fabric of American life. We are consistently caught flat-footed, mouths agape at his actions.

Just on Tuesday, he was again politicizing the Census. Before that, he sent mysterious militarized forces into Portland, Oregon, where they are behaving like secret police in a banana republic.Before that ... well, you know what he has been doing. We live with it on the news everyday.

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We need to be in the streets,nonviolently, protesting what he isdoing and what the GOP is allowing him to do. We need to be in the streets on the scale of the Women’s March at the very least.

But I think we can stop pulling down statues. I think that point has been made, and further progress should be achieved at the local level by speaking up in city council meetings.

And definitely stop breaking windows, turning over police cars and setting fires. That simply plays into Trump’s hands and give him an excuse to send forces into any city he chooses.

Consider:Is Trumptryingto create unrest?If there is enough unrest and violence over the rest of the summer, would Trump try to delay the election? Would the GOP go along with him?

Donald Trump has shown us, over and over, we have to consider the unthinkable — beforehe does it.

Michael Hart, West Ridge

Violating rights

The president is violating Americans’ rights in Portland, Oregon, so he can play soldier, But he won’t “violate” Americans’ rights by requiring them to wear masks, which would save lives.

Lauretta Hart, West Ridge

Relentless misery

Once again, we are being held hostage by a megalomaniac fool as the president reaches into every American’s life and brings relentless misery. Now the U.S. Postal Service. So if you don’t die from his refusal to protect you from a pandemic, he can at least take comfort in destroying you by making your credit card payments late and by making sure old people’s Social Security checks are late.

Thanks again to all who voted for him. He’s a sheer joy.

Ed Juillard, Morgan Park

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