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Glenbrook South student who used racial slur in video will face ‘appropriate and restorative consequences,’ school officials say

The student used the slur in a video posted to social media and later issued an apology on Instagram, saying they “understand why what I said offends many people.”

Glenbrook South High School, 4000 W. Lake Ave. in Glenview.
Glenbrook South High School, 4000 W. Lake Ave. in Glenview.
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Glenbrook South High School administrators have promised “appropriate and restorative consequences” for a student who posted a video of themselves on social media using the n-word.

Officials at the north suburban school learned of the video Tuesday, Principal Dr. Lauren Fagel wrote in an email to the north suburban school community.

“There is no tolerance for this kind of behavior. We recognize the pain such videos cause to not only a direct recipient of the racist word but also to all those who are historically marginalized,” Fagel wrote. “We, as an institution, pledge to administer appropriate and restorative consequences for the young person who said the word, and we also pledge to support in all ways possible those who are hurt by it.”

The student who posted the video later apologized on Instagram.

“I deserve all the hate I get and I completely understand why what I said offends many people,” the student wrote. “I just want to let you guys know that I am learning from my mistake and I am working with my synagogue on racism and learning more about it and why it’s so bad especially right now during these times.”

Fagel declined to elaborate on the consequences the student might face, saying she was “not able to comment on student discipline or any specific matters related to a student.”