10 heart-shaped treats to make Valentine’s Day tastier

One of the best ways to show affection is with food

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday that reminds us to show the people we love just how much we care about them, and one of the best ways to show affection is with food. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates have become the customary way to say “I love you” for Valentine’s Day, but if you want to switch things up, here are a few other heart-shaped treats.

Aldi Valentine’s Day Cheese

There’s nothing cheesy about Aldi’s Valentine’s Day Cheese box. In an adorable package that says “you make me melt,” the Emporium Selection Valentine’s Day Cheese Box contains three cheeses. The assortment includes a classic mature cheddar, a raspberries and white chocolate cheese and a gin and rhubarb cheese.

It’s a gift that’s sure to delight and make for a fun evening of cheese pairings.

Pizza Hut Heart-Shaped Pizzas

For those who want to share a “pizza” your heart, Pizza Hut has an option to order heart-shaped pizzas. From February 8 through February 14, you can upgrade your heart-shaped pizza with a Cheesy Crust Pizza.

To sweeten the deal, Pizza Hut also bundles their heart-shaped pies with either a Hershey’s Triple Chocolate Brownie or an Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Le Chocolatier Chocolate Heart Smash Box

This is the only heart you should break on Valentine’s Day. Le Chocolatier has a heart-shaped box made entirely of chocolate with treats inside including heart-shaped truffles, chocolate-dipped Oreos and chocolate-dipped pretzels.

The chocolate heart smash box comes in a variety of flavors with sweet little messages like “Love” and “Bae” made with, of course, chocolate.

Junior’s Heart-Shaped Cheesecake

Cheesecake in New York is so good that they’ve got their own style. New York-style cheesecake is a bit denser, creamier, and smoother than other styles of cheesecake, and Junior’s Cheesecake makes sure these quality desserts can be shipped nationwide through Goldbelly.

For Valentine’s Day, they’ve created a heart-shaped cheesecake that’s as beautiful as it is delicious. The white chocolate flavored cheesecake is adorned with strawberry puree swirls and a whipped white chocolate mousse. For chocolate lovers, Junior’s also has a chocolate-covered cheesecake. It’s a beautiful way to say “I love you” for Valentine’s Day.

Dale’s Heart-Shaped Fried Pies

Is there anything better than pie? How about hand pies — portable, crispy crust in every bite, and coming in a wide range of flavors from savory to sweet. Dale’s Fried Pies from Knoxville, Tennessee sends their delicious pies nationwide. For Valentine’s Day, they’re offering heart-shaped fried hand pies.

The sweet treat comes in apple, strawberry or banana and Nutella.

The Bagel Nook Heart-Shaped Bagel

The Bagel Nook has pushed the boundaries of bagels, reimagining them with unique small batch cream cheese flavors like Maple Bacon and Birthday Cake, and loaded them up with sugary sweets like Oreos and Fruity Pebbles. For Valentine’s Day, they’ve created a cute way to start the day with their pink swirled heart-shaped bagel. Share a heart with your one true love, or spread the joy with these bagels by the dozen.

Chuao Chocolatier Heart-Shaped Hot Cocoa Bombs

There’s still time to hop on the hot cocoa bomb craze that hit Instagram this winter. Chuao Chocolatier is offering heart-shaped hot cocoa bombs made with their Spicy Maya chocolate. Infused with cayenne and pasilla chile, this silky hot cocoa is sure to spice things up for your Valentine’s Day.

Angelina’s of Maryland Crab Stuffed Heart-Shaped Shrimp

Show your favorite seafood lover how much you care for them with this clever crab-stuffed, heart-shaped shrimp dish from Angelina’s of Maryland. Using two jumbo shrimp, they’ve arranged them into the shape of a heart and stuffed it with their famous Maryland blue crab cakes.

Harry & David Heart-Shaped Shortbread Cookies

Cookies and chocolates are a classic Valentine’s Day gift, so if you’re going to pick a heart-shaped treat that’s tried and true, go with these gorgeous shortbread cookies and heart-shaped truffles from Harry & David.

The sandwiched shortbread cookies are filled with a tart raspberry filling and fashioned with small heart-shaped cutouts on top. The cookies are accompanied by gorgeous heart-shaped chocolate truffles that are rich and creamy.

Blue Owl Bakery Heart-Shaped Gooey Butter Cake

Gooey butter cake is a popular treat in St. Louis, and thanks to Blue Owl Bakery, everyone from coast to coast can enjoy this Midwestern dessert. For Valentine’s Day, you can get this golden, buttery cake with cream cheese filling in a cute heart-shape. Whether you’re from Missouri or not, anyone will feel special when given a heart-shaped version of this regional delight!

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