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Freddy Rodriguez is out at ‘Bull’ after a five-season run

The exit of the Chicago-born actor, who played lawyer Benny Colón, reportedly follows an investigation of the show’s workplace environment.

Freddy Rodriguez has played lawyer Benny Colón for all five seasons of “Bull.”

Freddy Rodriguez, the Chicago-born actor known for his work on “Six Feet Under” and “Ugly Betty,” has departed the hit CBS series “Bull,” the entertainment trades report.

He will not appear on the sixth season of the series, which concluded its fifth season on Monday.

From the pilot on, Rodriguez has co-starred on “Bull” as former prosecutor Benny Colón, part of the jury consulting firm run by Dr. Jason Bull, played by series lead Michael Weatherly.

A Hollywood Reporter story on the “Bull” situation says Rodriguez’s exit followed an investigation by the show’s production company, CBS Studios, of its workplace environment. Also out is the “Bull” showrunner, Glenn Gordon Caron, the veteran director-producer who created the 1980s sensation “Moonlighting” and the 2005-11 drama “Medium.”

There was no comment from CBS, Rodriguez or Caron about the moves. The investigation was examining why multiple writers left “Bull” this year, THR reported.

The environment at “Bull” was under scrutiny earlier when guest star Eliza Dushku alleged that her run on the show was cut short after she complained about offensive remarks from Weatherly. In mediation with CBS, she was awarded a $9.5 million settlement. Caron has denied her removal from the series was punitive.