‘My father died in the heat wave of 1995 — in the extreme heat brought on by global warming’

Global warming, if we don’t do something about it, will effect everybody’s family.

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The Chicago Sun-Times’ front page on July 17, 1995, reporting on the hundreds of deaths due to a heat wave.

Sun-Times Media

According to the Better Government Association, as reported in the Sun-Times last week, the big heat wave of 1995 was not, in fact, the most fatal event in Chicago history.

Well, my father died in that heat wave, so for me it was the most fatal event in the city’s history. Because of that heat wave, my father, who had respiratory issues, is dead.

My father died because of the extreme heat brought on by global warming. And if we don’t do something about it, this is going to happen throughout the country. Global warming will effect everybody’s family.

It’s been 26 years and I’m still not over the fact that my father died unnecessarily.

Peter Wilkes, Barrington

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GOP’s ‘limited government’

If I understand today’s Republicans, a store owner has the right to deny service to a gay person, but he doesn’t have the right to require a customer to wear a mask to prevent the spread of a deadly disease.

This apparently is what the GOP means by “limited government.”Government that is limited only to enforcing hatred and stupidity.

Daniel Welch, Glen Ellyn

Texas hypocrisy

Texas has just enacted an egregious law, devastating Roe v. Wade and women’s rights.The United States Supreme Court stood mute and allowed it to happen.

The hypocrisy of the Texas law is breathtaking.While declining to urge or require COVID-19 vaccines on the basis of “personal freedom,”Texas legislatorsjust took away the personal freedom of every woman in Texas.

I suspect that the girlfriends and daughters of those Texas legislators still will have access to safe abortions.That has always been true.Those in power find a way to imposeself-serving rules on others while finding ways to skirt those rules for themselves and their families.

I also wish that those who are so “pro-life”before a child is born would show that same concern and support after a child is born.Maybe then we would not have school districts cancelling free lunches because they worry they will spoil the children.

Karen Wagner, Rolling Meadows

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