Mosiah Thompson, 4, looks at a dinosaur fossil during a tour of the Hall of Dinosaurs, which is part of a storytelling event, at the Field Museum, Thursday, Dec. 15.

Pat Nabong/Sun-Times

Picture Chicago: 11 photos from this week’s local stories

A crowded mayor’s race sees candidates starting to field the public’s questions and a long-time Little Village mall’s fate remains unknown.


Mayoral candidates sit together and respond to questions from the moderator during a 38th Ward Democratic Organization forum at the Copernicus Center, Tuesday, Dec. 13.

Anthony Vazquez/Sun-Times


Raul Lopez holding a toy dinosaur stands in his shop called Video Guzman in the Discount Mall, in the Little Village neighborhood, Wednesday, Dec. 14.

Tyler Pasciak LaRiviere/Sun-Times


Father Michael Pfleger walks around Sabina Church in Auburn Gresham, Sunday, Dec. 11. Father Pfleger has been cleared by the archdiocese of any wrongdoing after a man came forward with abuse allegations.

Anthony Vazquez/Sun-Times


Florence Pacheco, 69, whose gas-powered furnace and water heater were replaced with electric units with the help of the non-profit Elevate, speaks to Elevate’s construction services manager during a punch list inspection for her new electric heat pump in her living room in the Belmont Craigin neighborhood, Tuesday, Dec. 13.

Pat Nabong/Sun-Times


A small memorial for the victims of the Vera Lounge mass shooting sit near the curb at West School Street and North Central Avenue near Vera Lounge, in the Portage Park neighborhood, Monday, Dec. 12.

Tyler Pasciak LaRiviere/Sun-Times


Marsha Lee with the Everytown Survivor Network speaks to state Rep. Bob Morgan before the Illinois House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on the Protect Illinois Communities Act, Thursday, Dec. 15. The act would prohibit the sale of assault weapons and ammunition magazines that have more than 10 rounds, and require most state firearm owner identification holders to be 21 or older.

Pat Nabong/Sun-Times


Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering (left) hugs Lauren Bennet (right) a gunshot survivor park from the July 4th shooting at the first hearing on the Protect Illinois Communities Act in front of the House Judiciary Committee at the A. Bilandic Building, Monday, Dec. 12.

Anthony Vazquez/Sun-Times


People’s Center for Cultural and Contemporary Arts student Marina Velazquez, 7, leans her head on a keyboard during a rehearsal at the Dvorak Fieldhouse in the Pilsen neighborhood, Thursday afternoon, Dec. 8.

Pat Nabong/Sun-Times


Gov. J.B. Pritzker holds up a signed proclamation for the Workers’ Rights Amendment at IBEW Local 134 building at 2722 S. Martin Luther King Dr. on the south Side, Thursday, Dec. 15.

Anthony Vazquez/Sun-Times


An officer holds a photo of Ella French as Carlos Yanez Jr. speaks about his discontent in hearing the sentencing of Jamel Danzy for straw purchasing at the Dirksen Federal Building, Wednesday, Dec. 14. Jamel Danzy was sentenced 2.5 years for the straw purchasing of a gun used in the killing of officer Ella French.

Anthony Vazquez/Sun-Times

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