More helicopters would help Chicago police with city’s carjacking epidemic

Imagine what Chicago police officers on the ground are missing when a helicopter is not up in the air.

SHARE More helicopters would help Chicago police with city’s carjacking epidemic
Chicago police helicopter

A Chicago police helicopter hovers outside Guaranteed Rate Field in October before Game 3 of the American League division series between the White Sox and Houston Astros.

Associated Press

The Chicago Police Department has two helicopters in its fleet, while the Los Angeles Police Department has 17, the New York Police Department has seven and the Houston Police Department has 13.

I know Chicago police are not just used to follow and help get carjackers off the street. But the city has a carjacking epidemic, and it didn’t start this year. I know LAPD runs helicopters in every shift. How can CPD make do with just two helicopters?

Can you imagine what the officers on the ground are missing when a helicopter is not up in the air? Ald. Matt O’Shea is right when he asks why the city hasn’t invested in purchasing multiple helicopters. It seems the city is always reactive when it should be proactive.

I’m sure the officers on the ground would appreciate the help.

Richard Barber, Mount Greenwood

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Proposition for the supposed Jan. 6th “patriots”

I have an idea for all of those people who breached and damaged the Capitol on Jan. 6. Along with the sheer disgrace to our democracy, they caused injury and death to the officers protecting the Capitol and our Constitution. 

Since they like to play soldier, their sentence should be enlistment in the military. That way, they could play soldier with other soldiers and fight actual enemies as opposed to trying to intimidate politicians just because they think they are honoring their oath to the Constitution. Let’s see then if they are as eager and patriotic as they were on Jan. 6.

Thomas Bajorek, Burbank

Trump’s phony defense fund

Trump supporters who contribute to his phony defense fund are reminiscent of evangelicals who send their hard-earned money to a TV preacher sorely in need of a new car, but without any assurances of a heavenly reward.

Bob Ory, Elgin

We are on the same team

As the people of this great country, it is our responsibility to elect those who will do right by all parties, because we are not on the same team as the politicians. 

We have become divided, and the unscrupulous in our government are taking advantage of this, leaving them to their own devices to do what serves their best interests. The main way they have been achieving this is to stir up the angry masses, festering the hatred and keeping the division ever-present.

No matter which side of the aisle you fall on, we are indeed on the same side as one another. Politicians’ agendas and our agendas are two very different things. We need to hold lawmakers accountable for the promises they made to do well by us, protect all of us, and hold to the oath they took to uphold the Constitution.

Division works in these politicians’ favor, not ours.

Louise Bajorek, Burbank

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