Aayu Clinics Providing Free Covid-19 Testing and Vaccination for Chicago Residents

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In the mayhem of coronavirus pandemic, Americans are only hoping for one thing: A conclusion. Although the health and medical authorities have been somewhat successful in controlling the virus, a threat of transmission is still out there, and it calls for extreme cautiousness and undivided vigilance over the virus.

Along with being as careful and vigilant as possible, it is also crucial to get tested for the virus in the current times of uncertainty. There is no guarantee of stopping transmission; therefore, it is best if everyone stays verified and vaccinated.

Well, if you are based in Chicago, you are in luck and eligible for a free Covid-19 test, along with a free Covid-19 vaccination in the very near future.

Aayu Clinics, a reputable clinic based in Chicago, is offering tests of all kinds to people with or without symptoms. Aayu Clinics’ Drive-Thru test allows people to be as safe as possible by staying in their cars and getting their coronavirus test done. Results are received on the patients’ cell phone within hours of the test. Thus, the risk of physical interaction and transmission is nearly eliminated.


In PCR (polymerase chain reaction), the most common and accurate Covid-19 test, the tester uses a nasal swab and swirls it around their nostril, reaching the area where the sinuses meet the throat – nasal pharyngeal area, the point where the virus usually resides.

After collecting the specimen, the compound is broken down into even tinier particles with the help of an extraction tray. Then, to further verify the broken-down compounds, they are put under the fluorescent light to confirm the diagnosis of coronavirus. Since the nasal tests are a bit uncomfortable, the clinic is providing saliva tests as well.

Since PCR tests are always accurate, they are named the “Gold Standard” test. Aayu Clinics is offering free PCR tests for those who may or may not have symptoms.


Antibodies tests are not diagnosis tests; they don’t find the virus. Instead, they look for the antibodies that might have been generated if you have previously contracted the virus and recovered from it. Antibodies tests are done by taking a pinch of your blood to check the DNA for prior experiences with SARS-Cov-2.

These tests are conducted by experts to make sure that you have the strength to fight it off if the virus occurs again. If the virus has never attacked you before, the antibodies tests would come back negative. Antibodies tests are essential in terms of letting the patient know that he or she has immunity to a particular extent. Get your appointment scheduled for an antibodies test.

Free Vaccination for Coronavirus

Apart from Free Covid-19 tests, Aayu Clinics is also offering Free Vaccination to all the residents of Chicago, IL. It has only been a couple of weeks since the vaccines of Covid-19 started being deployed for the vulnerable populations.

Aayu Clinics will be one of the first clinics to offer Free Vaccination for the remaining non-vulnerable population. According to Dr. Shinde, the verified and approved vaccine will be available within a few weeks at Aayu Clinics, and people can begin signing up with their email so they are the FIRST to be alerted when the vaccine is available for distribution.

Aayu Clinics: Pride of Chicago

Aayu Clinics is one of the most reputable and well-reviewed health and medical care center in Chicago, IL. Experts at Aayu Clinics have made it possible for everyone to achieve their healthiest life with state-of-the-art medical care facilities.

Even before the pandemic, Aayu Clinics offered its services in urgent care, telemedicine, 7-day primary care, mental health, integrative medicine, and naturopathic medicine. Aayu Clinics has made it much easy for individuals are families to get better and urgent access to health care with their completely-convenient Urgent Care offices in Chicago which are open 7 days a week.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Aayu Clinics introduced different testing and vaccination programs free of cost. They offered a Free COVID-19 Test, with results available in 15 minutes. They have been offering Free PCR and Free Antibodies Test to anyone in Chicago.

In addition to that, Aayu Clinics have provided a Drive-Thru program that would allow the patients (with or without symptoms) to get tested from within their cars in the parking lot. The clinic has considered safety and social distance a priority and eliminated all the unnecessary interaction in their efficient Covid-19 Testing programs.

For any information regarding Covid-19, Testing, and Vaccination, Aayu Clinics has opened a 24-7 online portal that you can access from anywhere in Chicago at any time.

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