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Promoting Health Equity in Chicago

Learn how Rush University Medical Center is making our communities healthier by putting health equity first.

Join the Chicago Sun-Times as we shine a light on how one local hospital’s community health improvement strategy also involves improving the economic health of the communities it serves.

In 2016, Rush University Medical Center become the nation’s first health system to name health inequities as the most pressing health need among the communities it serves – ten West Side neighborhoods.

A national leader in building healthier communities, Rush’ health equity strategy is designed to close the gap in life expectancy between the Loops and West Side neighborhoods. Key features of this strategy include:

• Identify racism as a health crisis.

• Use business assets –hiring, purchasing and investing – to help local communities thrive

• Identify and work to eliminate barriers to everyone having equal opportunity to be healthy

• Amplify impact by coordinating efforts with other hospitals, community-based organizations and individuals

• Partner with communities in initiatives that give communities members true ownership

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