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Non-profit EAT’s mission to build social and economic equality for Black informal workers

Equity and Transformation (EAT) is a Black-led non-profit organization whose mission is to build social and economic equity for Black informal workers. From hair braiders to musicians playing gigs for cash, informal workers operate outside of the formal labor structure in the US and are unregulated and unprotected by the state. Currently, 40% of the US workforce is engaged in the informal economy and 70% of the world’s workforce.

The vantage point seen solely by these Black informal workers provides the most coherent description of the barriers to social and economic equity in Illinois because they are often the furthest from achieving social and economic equity.

EAT provides space for those Black informal workers to dream of new possibilities and the tools to turn their dreams into reality. EAT uses political education, research, advocacy, policy development, and community organizing as tools to build those dreams.

We encourage individuals to support our mission by making a donation at