Fran Spielman

City Hall Reporter
Anthony Driver, president of the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability, said the referral to Inspector General Deborah Witzburg was based on ‘information from multiple knowledgeable sources that raised serious concerns’ about the Civilian Office of Police Accountability.
The quarterly report does not include the name of the former deputy mayor. But Elena Gottreich identified herself as the accused and denied ever drinking on the job, calling the allegations “ridiculous and absurd.”
Mayor Brandon Johnson’s office reportedly told alderpersons the mayor will fill the long-vacant Zoning chair with Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez, a choice that has some in the business community and their Council allies very concerned.
When Richard M. Daley became mayor, he “understood more than anybody ... that he had to address what was called Beirut-on-the-Lake at the time because of the racial divide,” his brother Bill Daley told the Sun-Times.
The tension around taking on debt and the pension payment was the crux of a month-long delay of the school system’s budget proposal, which came out Wednesday.
“Pueden elegir a la persona que ha dado la cara por la gente de este país, invirtiendo en ciudades de todo Estados Unidos, o elegir a la persona que no cree en la democracia”, dijo Johnson.
“We have some very good potential candidates out there that ... would excite, not only the Democratic Party, but independents who make the difference in these elections,” the former U.S. Commerce secretary said.
“You can go with the person who has shown up for the people of this country, investing in cities across America, or you can go with the person who does not to believe in democracy,” Johnson said.
The post-hiring test was so demanding and so unrelated to the skills needed to serve that four of the 12 women suffered “career-ending” hip and back injuries during testing. One “tore her hip open,” their attorney said.