Laura Washington

Payton Gendron, 18, a white suspect in the Buffalo shooting, is called a teenager. Michael Brown Jr., 18, Black victim of a police shooting, is referred to as a man.
Politicians who operate in ways that bring them personal benefit could end up on a slippery slope.
In Reading Between the Lines group sessions, participants read and dissect great literature — poems, essays, speeches and short stories — and share their reflections and ideas.
Time is running out; the 2023 mayoral election is less than 10 months away. The established and prominent figures who can attract endorsements and cash from business, politics and labor are not interested, so far.
Chicago cannot thrive without a safe and attractive public transportation system for all. Our economic, cultural and social survival depends on getting us where we need to be.
The movement did not perish with Harold Washington’s death in 1987. It endures through a rainbow of politicians and activists who are eager to claim his legacy.
If elected mayor, Ald. Ray Lopez would make history — as Lightfoot did. Lopez would be the first openly gay and Latino person to serve as mayor.
Lionel J. Washington Sr. passed away peacefully as the world continued to obsess over Will Smith’s slap. The Oscar-winning actor could learn a thing or two from my treasured Uncle Lionel.
The old 11th Ward was a bonanza of power for the Daley family for decades. With Lee’s appointment, the new 11th Ward will hopefully be a bonanza of power for her community.